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Umarxanova Dildora Sharipxanovna
Address: 100047, Sayilgokh str. 35, Tashkent / UZBEKISTAN
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Faculty of International Law and Comparative Law

Faculty of International Law and Comparative Law


Our motto: Primus Inter Pares (First among equals)

Our goal: To be a leading scientific and educational center for training highly qualified personnel for the development of national and international law. Given the importance of the legal profession in modern society, the mission of the faculty is to train competitive specialists in the field of law and international law with fundamental legal knowledge, high culture and morality, able to understand the essence and social significance of their profession, have a deep respect for the law, the values of the rule of law, professional ethics, a sense of duty and responsibility.

The main tasks of the faculty of International law and comparative law are:

1.      Training of highly qualified legal personnel based on an in-depth study of private international law, including international arbitration law, as well as a comparative study of national and Japanese, German law and other developed foreign legal systems;

2.      Development of proposals for the implementation of international law and improvement of national legislation, taking into account the results of comparative studies of law and legal systems of Japan, Germany and other developed countries;

3.      Organization of systematic internships, exchange of faculty and students with leading higher educational institutions of foreign countries for the purpose of comparative research of foreign law and legal systems;

4.      Participation in the development of draft regulations in the field of constitutional, civil, administrative, criminal, criminal procedure and other branches of law;

The Faculty of International Law and Comparative Law includes the following departments:

• Department of International Law and Human Rights;

• Department of Private International Law;

• Department of Foreign Languages;

The Faculty has a platform for organizing joint research, educational and other projects in the field of law with foreign educational institutions and international organizations.

In the structure of the Faculty, there are centers for the study of foreign law, such as the Center for German Law and Comparative Legal Research at the University of Regensburg (Federal Republic of Germany) and the Center for the research of Japanese Law at the University of Nagoya (Japan).

The teaching staff of foreign higher educational institutions is actively involved in the educational process at the Faculty.

The dean's office of the Faculty of International Law and Comparative Law has a dean, deputy dean for academic affairs, deputy dean for youth affairs, a methodologist, as well as a secretary and dispatcher of the dean's office.


Umarkhanova Dildora Sharipkhanovna - Dean, Doctor of Law, docent.

Sphere of scientific interests: International public law, international criminal law, human rights, gender equality, international law of treaties.

Modules led by D. Umarkhanova: International criminal law, international law, international law of treaties.

Directions of scientific activity: Scientific Secretary of the Scientific Council for the award of academic degrees DSc.29.08.2017.Tar/Yu/I/S/24.01 under the University of World Economy and Diplomacy; also a member of the scientific seminar at the Scientific Council, specialty 12.00.10-International Law (legal sciences). Member of the Expert Commission on the recognition and nostrification of education documents in foreign countries in the field of "Jurisprudence", created by a joint decision of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan.



Normatov Bekzod Akram ogli – deputy dean for academic affairs, doctor of philosophy in law (PhD)

Sphere of scientific interests: international financial law, international tax law.

Modules led by B.Normatov: international tax law, financial law, tax law.

Directions of scientific activity:  researcher in the field of “12.00.02 – Constitutional law. Administrative law. Financial and customs law”.



Bobodustov Shahriddin Muhammadiyevich - Deputy Dean for Youth Affairs and Spiritual and Educational Affairs.

Sphere of scientific interests: Constitutional law, Criminal law.



Abdurazzakov Ixtiyor Kuvondikovich – Tutor



Djurayev Iftixorjon Tadjibayevich – Tutor



Ismoilov Ikrom Ilxom ugli – Tutor



Mamadaliev Boburjon Bahodirjon ugli – Tutor



Mamayusupov Oyatbek Azamjon ugli – Tutor



Radjabova Shoxsanamxon Tolibjon qizi – Tyutor



Qayumov Alisher Abduganiyevich – register clerk



Our contacts:

Address of the Dean's office of the faculty of International law and comparative law

Tashkent, 35 Sayilgoh Street, academic building № 3, second floor

Phone: 233-66-36 (EXT. 1089, 1130).