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Saydullayev Shaxzod Alixanovich
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Faculty of public law

Public law is a law regulating relations that ensure the public interest. Therefore, the purpose of the establishment of this faculty is to pay attention to the implementation of modern trends in public-legal, constitutional, administrative and rule making relations.

Students studying at the Faculty have the opportunity to acquire modern knowledge and skills necessary for future work in Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, executive authorities, including ministry of justice, as well as prosecutor's office, private sector and civil institutions.

The aim of the faculty is to ensure that students receive necessary knowledge and skills in the field of rule making and law enforcement.

The faculty's motto is “Justice in the rule of law”.

The main tasks of the Faculty:

training of personnel meeting modern international standards, strengthening the teaching staff with specialists of high professional pedagogical skills, legal and political culture, practical experience;

organization of the teaching process on the basis of modern forms and methods of teaching, innovative pedagogical and IT; 

further developing the rule making process, the development of a training system for specialists with special knowledge and skills in this area;

strengthening the scientific potential of the faculty, broad involvement of young people in scientific activities, coordination of scientific-research and innovative activities, involvement of scientific projects and ensuring the interaction of education and science;

increasing the spiritual and moral education of students, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the state and society, instilling the principles of humanity, interethnic harmony, justice, honesty and the rule of law;

organization of educational and research work, taking into account foreign and local university rankings indicators.

The Faculty of Public Law consists of 6 departments:

Department of Theory of State and Law;

Department of Constitutional Law;

Department of Administrative and Financial Law;

Department of Environmental Law;

Department of General Education and Culture;

Department of Uzbek language and Literature.

Professors and teachers working in the departments teach students interactively, using advanced pedagogical technologies.

The number of faculty students is 1005.

Our employees:

Shahzod Saydullaev

Dean of the Faculty of Public Law, PhD in Law, Professor

Research interests: theory of state and law, legal conflicts, gaps in law, comparative jurisprudence, rule making.

Conducted modules: Theory of State and Law, Rule making.

Areas of scientific activity: Participant of the scientific seminar awarding the degree of Doctor of Science at the Academic Council of TSUL; Member of the Expert commission for the recognition and nostrification of education documents in foreign countries with a degree in Jurisprudence, created by a joint decision of the Ministry of higher and secondary specialized education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Botir Boymurodov 

Deputy Dean for academic affairs

Research interests: theory of state and law, rule making, modern trends in the development of law.

Conducted modules: Theory of State and Law.

Areas of scientific activity: conducting research for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on the topic "Legal basis of citizens' participation in rule making." Author of over 20 science articles.


Akbar Tojiboev 

DeputyDean for youth affairs

Research interests: civil law, commercial law, corporate law, information technology law.

Areas of scientific activity: conducting research for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Law on the topic "Civil legal regulation of startups’ activity". Author of over 30 educational and scientific papers. In particular, 29 articles, 4 textbooks (co-authored), 2 brochures, 1 textbook (co-authored). He is also the secretary of the Academic Council of TSUL.

Abrorjon Kushmatov

Deputy Dean for Science, Innovation and International Relations 

Research interests: civil law, civil procedural law, international arbitration, information technology law.

Areas of scientific activity: conducting research for master’s degree in International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution.


Fakhriddin Matchanov


Research interests: criminal law, criminal procedure law, administrative law.

Areas of scientific activity: conducting research on the topic "International cooperation in the fight against crime." Author of about 10 science articles.

Malika Tuychieva 

Dispatcher for academic affairs

Research interests: civil law, civil procedural law, theory of state and law.



35, Sayilgoh str. Tashkent 

building 2, room 123

Phone: 233-66-36, 1150 (internal)