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Information Resource Center
About center

The mission of the Information Resource: Center is to cooperate in the implementation of the goals set for the university in the educational process, research and spiritual and educational work, and the training of highly qualified specialists.

Our goal: The Information Resource Center is a special structure of the university, as a partner of the university in achieving the goals of education, which covers all areas of activity: educational, scientific and spiritual and educational, actively participates in ensuring the development of the educational, scientific and cultural process of the university.

Main functions: Provide innovative and programmatic support to the education and research process in partnership with faculty and other research and educational organizations

Collection and contents of the IRC fund

Implement a strategic recruitment and content development plan to support university research and education.

IRC provides reference, bibliographic and information services to students, faculty, university researchers and a wide range of readers. In order to inform readers about the literature, and create ease of use, an electronic catalog has been formed on the basis of the electronic program ARMAT ++; there is also an electronic library on the university's website library.tsul.uz. and the official channel in the telegram messenger https://t.me/tsullibrary.

In order to create a condition for the development of the field of legal science, the IRC organized access to electronic resources of the world scientific and educational databases Westlaw, LexisNexis, Springer. Web of Science, Scopus, Polpred.com. 

Since 2019, IRC has been a member of the International Association of University Libraries (Dusseldorf, Germany).

Our projects

In order to promote reading and increase spirituality among young people, a competition is held annually among the "Eng faol kitobhon guruh" ("The most active group of readers", team members are recruited according to courses), and together with the primary organization of the Youth Union, a monthly competition "Zukko kitobhon" ("Resourceful reader").

The IRC telegram channel hosts a weekly quiz "Tafakkur".

Chief Librarian of the Department of Acquisition of Information and Library Resources, Cataloging and Systematization


Yusupov Nozimjon Nabizhonovich

Lead IT Specialist of the Information and Library Resources Service Department


Usmonalieva Nilufar Mamajonovna

Librarian of the 1st category of the Information and Library Resources Service Department


Kholmatova Iroda Khotam qizi

Librarian of the 2nd category of the Information and Library Resources Service Department


Tolipova Zilola Nabievna

Librarian of the 2nd category of scientific and methodological and information and reference



Shamaeva Dilnara Turamurotovna

Leading specialist of the 2nd category of the scientific-methodical and information-reference department


Yuriev Boris Alexandrovich

Librarian of the Information and Library Resources Department

Khalin Sergey Alexandrovich

Librarian of the Electronic Library of the Department of Electronic Information Resources

Our contacts:

Department address

Tashkent city, Amir Temur street 12, educational building No. 3, IRC

Tel: 233-66-36, 1021

Email address: arm@tsul.uz